Procedures & Fees

For each additional figure, add 50%. Travel, lodging, shipping is not included. Deduct 20% from listed prices for children portraits.

Working Procedure:

The first meeting with the client involves a discussion of the clients expectations, canvas size, photo location and where the portrait will hang. This usually requires one and 1/2 hours or more depending on the complexity of the composition and how many photos need to be taken. Photographs are taken in a variety of poses and lighting conditions. From these photos the artist chooses several favorites and confers with the client to select the final pose. The size of the canvas is not determined by price. Dimensions are an aesthetic decision based on the subject[s], attire worn, setting , and the composition. The first completed step of the painting is shown to the client for approval in person or through photographs. Stages of the paintings progress can be seen upon request. Delivery of the portrait is arranged when completed.

Payment Schedule

One third payment is requested at the time of commission and the signing of the contract. An additional one-third is requested when the portrait reaches midpoint. The final third is paid when the portrait is completed.